When I am in the classroom, I work to impart transferable skills such as writing, critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and historical analysis. I have found that this happens most effectively by creating a balance between fun and rigor, humor and hard work. My teaching methods, which combine active learning with traditional lecture, reflect these goals.

Class Activity
Students learn about the efficient cause in Aristotle’s account of generation with clay.

Previous classes I have taught:

Union College
Melancholia and Madness*
– Sex, Science, and Religion*
– Science, Religion, and Democracy

Indiana University
– The Science of Sex: From Ancient Attitudes to Victorian Secrets*
– History of Science Survey: Plato to NATO
– Eggs, Seeds, and Embryos*

Ivy Tech Community College
Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion

John Tyler Community College
Practical Reasoning: Informal Logic
History of Western Philosophy

*involves a course that I designed and proposed to the University.

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